We Don’t Make Yachts, We Make Yachts Fun! Our custom designed inflatable yacht toys will fit your yacht perfectly and will turn your yacht into the epicenter of Fun! Innovation, Quality, Fit and Finish are the foundational pillars of FunAir. With over 20 years of experience, our team has the attention to detail that captains and owners expect. Let us amp up the level of Fun on your Yacht. FunAir builds the finest and widest range of inflatables that can be themed to match your yacht livery with your yacht’s color scheme and logo.

Yacht Slides
Inflatable Yacht Slides are a specialty of FunAir. We offer fully customised and in-stock options that can be shipped globally in just a few days. We offer custom sizes, colours, logos, and designs, built to exact superyacht specifications and ensuring your yacht slide integrates seamlessly. Our in-stock slides are built to fit most mid range yachts and can be shipped globally in just a few days for those last minute charter requests. Popular slide designs include the Hanger Slide, The Hanger Slide Extreme, Curved, Self Lifting, Bow, Stern, Flume and Riser slides.

Yacht Golf
The FunAir floating Yacht Golf green is a great way to keep you skills sharp and have friendly competitions between guests.  Have fun shooting at multiple greens anchored at various distances while using the environmentally friendly albusgolf ECOBIOBALL.

Climbing Wall Over The Rail
The FunAir® Climbing Wall OTR (Over The Rail) is the ultimate boat challenge testing your climbing skills and agility. It allows for water and boat entry onto the game plus it provides a safe jumping platform for guests to jump off the yacht and into the ocean. The Climbing Wall OTR comes in custom sizes between 4M and 12M tall in widths of 2M – 3M.



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