A pure and smooth flying machine which will take foiling to new heights. Performance, safety, and ease of use will always be core elements in creating any Awake product. However, in the development of the Awake VINGA, they have been pushed to new levels of excellence.

  • Length : 140 cm – Width : 60 cm
  • Height : 15cm
  • Engine : Electric
  • Riding time: 1h20
  • Charging time : 1h20


Generation 3 – the next step in an evolving category. A fusion of everything we learned designing and engineering high-performance electric surfboards – and a lifetime spent on the water.

  • Length : 179 cm – Width : 62 cm
  • Height : 26 cm – Weight : 21 kg
  • Top speed : 35 mph
  • Riding time : Up to 30 min
  • Charging tim1h20


A pure and hydrodynamic carving machine for the ultimate challenge. The RÄVIK S 22 will allow riders to challenge themselves on an electric surfboard like never before to push harder, jump higher, turn sharper and ride faster.

  • Length : 175 cm – Width : 61 cm
  • Height : 27 cm – Weight : 20 kg
  • Top speed : 35 mph
  • Riding time : Up to 20 min
  • Charging time : 1h20


Awake is a Swedish electric jetboard company with a vision to create exhilarating water sports experiences toward a zero-emission future.All Awake’s electric jetboards are created with performance, safety, and ease of use in mind to give you an experience you can not be without. We have a passion for technology, not just for the sake of technology but for what kind of experience it will be able to create for our riders.

Performance – we have selected the best materials, designed hulls for different types of rides, carefully engineered parts, and fine-tuned all electronics to maximize your ride – irrespectively if you are looking for adrenaline or just want to cruise.

Safety – is fundamental for Awake. We have automotive safety standards, 4 layers of safety in our batteries, and our eFoils are equipped with a fully covered impeller. 

Ease of use  – the Awake Flex battery, Click-to-Ride system, and our modular system testaments to making the Awake experience as smooth and easy as possible. Everything is made to enable you to focus on spending time where you want to be – on the water.