Introducing Fliteboard

The Fliteboard™ eFoil gives the sensation of flying over water. Fliteboard carves like a snowboard in fresh powder, but with the freedom to ride anywhere, anytime, without wind or waves. It’s fast, quiet, and emission free.

Perfect. Everyday. The Fliteboard eFoil isn’t reliant on wind or waves. Escape the crowds — fly anywhere, anytime. Ride alone, ride with friends, or share the learning experience.
Purposeful design Every detail of Fliteboard has been refined for maximum performance, durability, beauty and enjoyment. Interchangeable components make Fliteboard easy to transport, set-up, and customise to suit your individual style.
Quality Materials : Carbon fibre, Innegra, aircraft grade aluminium, high quality wood laminates and composites.
Unibody Fuselage : The world’s first unibody powered hydrofil fuselage, uses streamlined hydrodynamics to deliver greater efficiency.
Fly effortlessly for up to 90 minutes per charge with Fliteboards’ dynamic eFoil propulsion system.
Brushless E-Motor : The quiet electric motor produces thrust to fly at up to 45km/h
G-Force Gearhead : Precision developed in Germany specifically for Fliteboard’s unique requirements.
Newton-Rader propellor : Engineered for maximum thrust and efficiency for a range of wings, rider weights, and speeds.
Customise your ride Interchangeable wings allow you to easily customise your ride. Built from high compression, moulded, pre-impregnated carbon fibre for maximum stiffness and strength.
fliteboard pro


For experienced riders that want the smallest board possible. Light weight and responsive. Due to it's significantly reduced volume the Fliteboard PRO is not recommended for beginners.
5’ x 24.5”. 70 litres.


Suits riders from beginner to advanced. Enough volume and deck area for early planning and easy pop-up, yet still highly maneuverable and easy to transport.
5’8” x 28”. 100 litres.
fliteboard air


High quality inflatable board. Suitable for beginners, schools, yachts use and commercial operators. Almost double the volume of the standard board to make learning even easier. Packs down for easy transportation.
6’6” x 30”. 175 litres.